Download of Earth3D

Earth3D is available for Linux, MacOS X and Windows. It is available as Java (using JOGL) and C++ (using QT and OpenGL) application. If you want to embed it into your own application take a look at Earth3d Lib.

Java Webstart (all platforms)

I have ported the program to Java and JOGL. It is not yet finished and has some less features, but it works and you can start it by simply clicking the download link. Everything is installed and started automatically, you only have to install Java (1.4 or higher), if it is not already on your computer (otherwise you can download the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) here). It works on Linux, Windows and Mac OS X (all tested).

Download Earth3D using Java Webstart

You can also try to start the Development Version of Earth3D using Webstart, that contains some new features and is faster and better but may be not so well tested.


  • The current stable version is 1.0.5. It can be downloaded from Sourceforge (where you can also get the sources) or from this web site. The .tar.bz2 archive contains three files (including the Qt library). The other archive contains only the executable that you can use if you have a compatible QT version (I am currently using QT 3.3.4, but any version of QT 3 should be usable).
    If you have problems downloading these files, you can also download them here from Sourceforge's download section.

  • Installation:
    • Unpack the archive with

      tar xvjf earth3d.tar.bz2

      and run the included shell script with


    • If this does not work, try to start it without the library:


    • If you still have problems, please write me a mail to


  • For MacOS X (10.2 and better) there is one .dmg file you have to download and start by double clicking on the icon. It is still version 1.0.1 but the only difference to the new 1.0.2 version is that 1.0.1 lacks http proxy support.


  • A windows executable is now available from Sourceforge.
  • If you have problems with this release, you can try an older one from the release list.