Earth3D - Java Version

Java Version

Earth3d was developed as a QT based C++ program, that runs on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. However, it took some efford to support all three platforms. Especially I found it difficult to include the necessary QT libraries in a Mac OS X package. Then I saw, that Java was now fast enough for real OpenGL based 3D graphics. I ported earth3d to Java and made some enhancements so that it was even faster. The Java code can be retrieved from Sourceforge's Subversion repository.

Compiling Earth3d (Java version)

In the following I will list the steps needed to get a startable configuration of Earth3d.

  • Check out the sources from Sourceforge (see SVN page):
    svn co earth3d
  • Get JOGL for your platform from and put the libraries (from the lib-directory of the downloaded JOGL package, i.e. the ".jar" and ".dll/.so" files) into the lib subdirectory of the Earth3d project (earth3d/lib).
  • Compile it using "src" as source directory and "lib" as library directory using your favorite IDE.
  • Start the class org.earth3d.jearth.main.Earth3dMain.